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JEDDAH Enchanting and spectacular city. City of all seasons that embraces visitors for all around the World.. The greater peoples love the more she outshines among other cities. in every neighborhood you find treasure, wealth, vigor and innovation.. In every street, Jeddah takes a new aspect, each facility is a sparkle of motion, and every person desires improvement and progress for this beloved precious country.

JEDDAH The gate to The Holy Mosque in Makkah. A city that does not metaphorically rest from economic, social , cultural , tourism and creative motion throughout the year… A confluence for every creative work, anyone seeking tranquility, every family striving to scatter her fatigue, concerns and worries of the year behind on the city’s inspiring sand beaches In a location near her airport, seaside, beautiful markets, and a few steps from the international events and exhibitions center, (where Madinah Road cross with Heraa Street) at the intersection between Madinah Road and Heraa Street, You Find Avail Grand hotel & suite