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Best Domestic Hotel Avail Grand Hotel & Suites
Won Hotel & Suites Avail Grand Jeddah Excellence Award Tourism Saudi edition of the first category (the best Domestic hotel) during the awards ceremony excellence Saudi Tourism for the year 2011, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, head of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities in the celebration of a unique tourist claimed which sectors of accommodation such distinction as to promote the local tourism product and which is organized by the General Authority for Tourism & Antiquities in the Kingdom, which was held on Monday, March 28.

The Hotel was Avail Grand, which is a chain of hotels and resorts Avail, a subsidiary of Alpha United for Tourism, based in Jeddah, had inaugurated in 2009 under an ambitious plan for the company to find a high quality of tourist accommodation organized and is of the newest hotels in Jeddah with luxury suites in terms of equipment, space and simplicity of furniture with the quality of processing, was adopted on the character (guest house) as a slogan and service in all facilities and gained the confidence of many customers, particularly airlines, which has chosen to host visiting dignitaries and their clients in addition to several ministries and international bodies, was marked also in the area in terms of the spacious rooms and suites of rooms and supplies and how to deal best pursued by the staff of the hotel.

Received the award, Mr. Saeed Ali Asiri president of United Alpha tourism company. Has stated that the prize is a message of thanks hotel guests and bleed the prize to them because they are a source of distinctiveness permanent, a driver for the company to the stability of the approach to hospitality house pursued by the management to be a feature of hospitality high-end according to the values of benign to the Saudi community the noble and the biggest winner is the national tourism. He was also a victory for the organizers that they were on the level of professionalism in the arbitration and regulation.

CEO company & Hotel General Manager, Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Alnazeh. people of Jeddah is the source of inspiration for excellence and gain the hotel for this award because guest feels comfortable like home, whatever luxury in any facility without working on the convenience of guest you will not continue to excellence or tender of this approach in all branches of the company with God's will.